I am a Blueberry Smoothie

After I was discharged from my 24-hour confinement, I was reviewing my own signs and symptoms regarding the diagnosis of the attending physician I had in the hospital. The doctor diagnosed me with Acute Gastroenteritis. I can’t understand why such after the laboratory exam results were out and showed normal and negative findings. But with all those puzzling findings, I just end up doing BlogThings.Here’s what I’ve got!

You have an intricate and accurate memory. In fact, you wish you were able to forget some things. Yeah! Personally, I used to tell myself until now that how I wish I could forget some things especially those I really wanted to forget.. *sigh*

You aren’t one to stick out in a crowd. You’re content to hang back and observe. Sometimes, I do. But it always depends on the place.

Whenever someone you love feels a certain way, you can’t help but feel that way too.

You don’t like to see anyone feeling discomfort or pain. You want to make everyone around you as happy as possible. Yeah, especially those close buddies, ‘coz I always thought of putting my feet on their shoes and ask myself always “what if I’m on his/her situation?” It saddened me much.

What about yours? What Berry Smoothie Are You? Can You share yours too?


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    hey hope you feel better now…

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