Flying Back to Cebu City

I might be on my way back to Cebu City Smiley while you are reading this.

Yes! You heard it right. I’m flying back to Cebu City. A day or two from today, hopefully, I can get my blogging life alive and kicking again. Not just that, the very first thing that I am wanting to do is to download free movies. I’ve been drowned with lots of movies during the Holy Week, though, but there are still newly released movies that I just recently checked, so I need to grab a copy of those before the medical school year starts.Talking about free downloading stuffs from the internet, I have made my mp3 player freshly, fully packed with new music before I drove to Cebu. Smiley Yeah! The website that I checked for the free mp3 downloads was really awesome. Smiley Even my cousins were checking the site for themselves also making their mp3 players fully loaded as well.

Anyway, back to my flying to Cebu, so soon I’ll be seeing my lovey M! Smiley Yay! I’m getting more excited. It’s more than 2 weeks that we haven’t see each other. Though we keep on calling and talking thru our mobile phone, still, the feeling of not having and being with him much more we’re far apart, is yet different than being together.

Moreover, I am flying with my mom and nephew, Didong. My mom was planning to bring Didong a place where he just used to see through the television and the internet. Didong wants to try go Karting. Even I, I haven’t tried go karting yet and so is mom. This is one reason why am getting so much excitement to get to Cebu City the soonest.

See you guys when I get to Cebu!


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4 Responses to Flying Back to Cebu City

  1. Mariuca says:

    phewittttt two weeks no see M, sure miss! 😉

  2. Mariuca says:

    Have fun in Cebu City, GG!

  3. Mariuca says:

    And happy downloading movies!

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