Second Year Medical School is OVER!

Saving the best for last, as said, SURGERY 1, it was.

Our last examination in second year medical school has just set and done. Finally, the academic year is over. Second Year Medical School, definitely, is OVER!

Seems like time flies real fast for me. It was just yesterday, or the other day, might be, that I and some classmates from Silliman University Medical School were still working for our transfer of school but now, it’s already over.

However, I still can’t understand what am I feeling now. I am still bothered with my grades. My study schedules, routines were very much affected with my vertigo. I can’t concentrate on studying. Every time I read, like my head is a bit tilted looking downwards with the books, in less than 20 minutes, the letters that I am reading at seems like twirling and moving away from me, fading in an instance. One time, I almost to fall from where I was sitting while taking the exam. It’s really not good for me suffering vertigo where most of the time, migraine coincides. Both are like twins in my head, always having a duet when singing and dancing. I am just hoping to have good results in all of my subjects this school year.

Asking me about how my second year in general? It’s not good. A lot of physical, health sufferings I had. Not to mention, the very recent was just last night. I slid in the comfort room having me bruises and minimal open wound in my right forearm.

Only in my second year in medical school I experienced migraine attacks after migraine attacks, almost unending. Medicines here and there. Fever, flu, and more. At least, I enjoyed and still made my year productive as I could!



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3 Responses to Second Year Medical School is OVER!

  1. ZehnRe says:

    i know aha ni.. MOOON CAFE sa Cybergate.

  2. David Funk says:

    Hey GG!

    I'm sorry that you have migraines like you do. At least you did make it a productive year despite that, but hopefully your health won't continue to be a problem.

    I hope you fully enjoy your time off my friend!

  3. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    Good to know you finished your second year medical school goodluck in the near future ..

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