Electronic Cigarette, An Alternative to Harmful Smoking

Where ever one goes, one cannot avoid seeing people smoking. Butts here, there, and every where.But those people smoking didn’t know, or might else just acting as if didn’t know how harmful smoking is, not just on himself but on the other people surrounding him, as well. Much more affected is the environment.

Sure thing for those smokers, stopping it in an instance is hard to do and more dangerous to those long-term chain smokers already. One of the alternative ways to lessen the negative effects of smoking is to use electronic cigarettes. Basically, it’s less harmful to the smoker as well as to the people and the environment. In fact, a lot of personalities has been using electronic cigarettes already. One of which is Kateherine Heigle, an actress and star of ‘Knocked Up’. When Katherine Heigl stops smoking, she uses electronic cigarettes instead. More to that, electronic cigarette reviews are also flooding because of its being an alternative to harmful smoking.

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5 Responses to Electronic Cigarette, An Alternative to Harmful Smoking

  1. Crib says:

    Hi there! I wonder where can I buy this here in the Philippines? My parents are both smokers and I really want them to quit.

    I like your blog. I'm a new follower.

  2. Mariuca says:

    Yay for EC.. how much is it selling there Doc GG?

  3. Mariuca says:

    PB after PB, syabas GG, did u manage to finish them all?

  4. Allen Sawyer says:

    I heard it's 800 pesos and each filter runs out to 25 puffs only. Is it true or depending on the brand?

    Medication Reminder

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