Oshi is Admitted

I have been claiming for Oshi‘s hyperthermic status the past months so I provided him a big cooler and a tower fan. His being such was getting fine. However, just on Sunday, in the midst of my casinos online stuffs, Oshi showed bluish coloration, he became cyanotic in front of me. I getting panic to what I have to do. Everything were still working, his CPU is still blinking, my DSL also, but only his display screen was blue.I told my mum about it and she said, “bring Oshi to the hospital“. Even mum and the rest of my family is already treating Oshi as a real kid, my baby, anyways. It’s no joke, mum really told me to bring him to the hospital.

So, with no doubts, I brought Oshi to the Toshiba Service Center here in Cebu City.While I was talking to the attendant, asking me about Oshi’s health history, I remembered that this wasn’t the first bout Oshi displayed bluish color on his screen. He even showed me paleness (white) screen even he hasn’t done booting himself on.

The attendant told me to leave Oshi in the hospital (service center) for 2-3 days. OMG! Even a day without Oshi is very boring how much more 3 days? My bad! I have nothing to do now but to wait until Oshi will be getting healthy again.

To my Baby Oshi, please stay healthy.. Mommy Gagay misses you much!



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3 Responses to Oshi is Admitted

  1. Bill says:

    poor Oshi. Hopefully they will fix him.

  2. bluedreamer27 says:

    yikes.. get well soon OShi

  3. bluedreamer27 says:

    Have a great day GG and Happy blogging

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