It’s MOOON-day!

Yesterday was indeed a not-so-good Saturday for me. But I guess not just for me but a couple of medical students because we were tasked to attend a symposium on Urinary Incontinence in school. Take note, not just an ordinary thingy, but we need to wear our regular weekday-uniform.
Just because were kind’a erked, I and my classmate and a blogger also, Ernhez, decided to cool ourselves down at the Robinson Cybergate, Cebu City. He invited me to have a lunch at Mooon Cafe.

Mooon everywhere!

Detox smoothie. Yummy!!
Mooon made our tummy bumpy! We even forgot that it was Saturday. Wasn’t it a MOOON-Day?



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7 Responses to It’s MOOON-day!

  1. ZehnRe says:

    hahaha… i hope that we can dine with him, the one who took a pic.

  2. Mariuca says:

    Moon Cafe looks great, what kind of food ah?

  3. Mariuca says:

    Nice pics too GG, love la seeing Doc GG in uniform he he!

  4. GAGAY says:

    @Ernhez: waaaaaaaah! next time, we'll invite him!LOL!

    @Mariuca: it's a mexican dine GP! 😀 yummy! i featured mooon cafe in my news blog before.heheh

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