Haven’t I told you that Bait, my elder sister, Didong’s mum is here in Cebu City? Yes, she is here. She’s attending a convention, all Librarians’ Convention in Waterfront Cebu since last Tuesday, November 16, 2010.

She’s staying with me here in my room since accommodation in the hotel is not included in their registration which is so good for me since she’s the one waking me up in the middle of my deep sleep at night. See? I am having my own human alarm clock.

However, by Saturday, she’ll be going home already. Aside from missing her, I am also missing her being my human alarm clock. In fact, last night, she told me that she’ll be going home and sure for me to miss her because no one’s gonna wake me up already every morning. Haha.

Well, I guess I really need a human alarm clock now because I can’t wake up with all my alarm clocks on. But if I fail to find one, I gotta try mantle clock – alarm clock. Isn’t it good? I do not know. But for now, I am firm to look for human alarm clock. LOL!

Anybody wants to apply? Hahah.. Be ready with your resume. Haha.



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2 Responses to Wanted: HUMAN ALARM CLOCK

  1. _el@i_ says:

    hahahaha, d ko kapasar part. grabe pud ko patulogon! hahaha

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