My Violet Room

Violet has never been one of the choices of all the listed colors in my heart. It’s not my color, same as to pink. But things getting ironic. I hate pink, but my medical blog is pink. I don’t like violet, but my new room, where I am comfortable staying now is painted violet. Smiley

Take a look at the wall.

The last time, with my room before this recent one, I was planning to have a venetian roller blinds. But now, I am planning to put on green wall paper. Though, I love the room because my things are all set in like I am having separate locker for my books, notes and everything. But with regards to the color of the room, I don’t feel like I can tolerate it longer.

At first, I thought of repainting, but it would take me a lot of time and it costs much higher than just buying a wall paper and using a wall glue on it. No more hassles of hiring house painter. I can even do it with myself.

I am already looking for great looking green colored wallpapers in the mall. But I haven’t asked the landlord yet if he’ll allow me to change the color of the wall including the bath and comfort rooms. Hehe. I hope he’ll allow me.

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6 Responses to My Violet Room

  1. Mariuca says:

    he he he YAY!

  2. Mariuca says:

    I kinda like violet GG, it's a nice colour! 😀

  3. Mariuca says:

    But pink is better of coz LOL!

  4. Mariuca says:

    Hope ur landlord gives u the green light to paint away, have fun!

  5. GAGAY says:

    GP! u even manage to chop here!!!i thought u only chop MM posts..hahaha

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