Lung cancer increasing among women

I was looking over the internet about Honda cars, even just those the used honda autos since my friend is looking for some and was asking good ideas from me. I was just actually lurking for images of cars. Upon so, I stumbled upon a news article from the press association stating about the increasing number of cases of lung diseases in women. This actually has nothing to do with honda cars but it’s a striking news about women and lung cancer where in fact the mostly affected with lung cancer is the male population. But now, it’s the opposite already. This is indeed a dreadful information.

“Clearly, targeting cigarette smoking is key to achieving this but it’s also very important to catch the disease early. I’d urge anyone who is worried about symptoms such as cough and breathlessness to visit their GP and to consider getting a chest x-ray. While it’s encouraging to see that improvements are being made in the treatment of lung cancer, we need to work on removing variations in care and make sure everyone across the country is receiving the same excellent quality of care.” – UKPA

Isn’t this so alarming? Without hesitations, I gotta address this to all women to PLEASE CEASE YOURSELF FROM SMOKING!



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3 Responses to Lung cancer increasing among women

  1. Monica says:

    morning GG! 😉

  2. Monica says:

    actually, anyone can get lung cancer, but it usually strikes smokers over age 50…

  3. GAGAY says:

    indeed true te mon!

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