Big Fat ZERO Love from MRG

Yesterday, during our Pharmacology class, the doctor told us that the national holiday declared last Wednesday will be moved this Monday. With that, the scheduled examination for Pharma will be moved also the Monday next to it. As what anybody is expecting to hear from a student when a teacher declares of having no classes, ALL APPLAUSE!
A classmate of mine, one of the closest, KC, smilingly asked me to play casino with her in Waterfront hotel here in Cebu City. I told her that I could just go to Waterfront only when my elder sister, Bait, Didong‘s mum will arrive this Tuesday, also. Then she applauded more, even I. Haha.
However, when I got home last night and checked Oshi, I had two thoughts already whether to go out and play casino there or just have my usual Internet casino at home. This is because I am planning also to work on my personal blog’s ranking with MRG since it’s more than three months already and still having big fat zero love from MRG. Smiley

I gotta stay home by that time, I guess, unless my sister would want to roam around Cebu.



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4 Responses to Big Fat ZERO Love from MRG

  1. LadyJava says:


  2. LadyJava says:

    boohoo i lost my PR also GG.. ๐Ÿ™

  3. _el@i_ says:

    hey part. big fat zero na akong duha ka blog! huhuhuhuh

  4. _el@i_ says:

    apir part. hahaha

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