Out This Weekend

Weekends are supposed to be the best time to unwind and de-stress. But, sometimes, I just prefer to be home and sleep because of getting lazy preparing for myself. Before, going to the mall and do window shopping is one of my de-stressants. Now, I want more adventurous and challenging to do. I want to explore, basically, Cebu City even as little time is given as weekends. But again, I am really lazy preparing and packing for my things. In fact, one of my classmates used to invite me to have rappelling and zip-lining in one of the recreation parks here in Cebu. But then, when that day comes, I ended up refusing and just sleeping.

Actually, aside from packing things, what I am getting erked is the tiring travel. Really really tired because we’ll just commute. Sometimes, I even asked myself if are there any rvs for sale here or even just for rent so I could have one just for hanging out every week end. What do you think? But I am sure it’s very impossible. Smiley

Traveling somewhere else commuting is really a head-squeezing thing for me. I really preferred to just sleep at home or maybe dating with Oshi then. Well, this is the life living or studying far from family coz at anytime, what I can hand on is a jeepney or taxi.


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