New Contacts?

After I broke my 3 pairs of graded contact lenses last July of this year, I had no choice then but to use a pair of eyeglasses. So I was back with eyeglasses.At first, I was kind’a looking great, I thought. But, when M had his 15-day vacation here in Cebu, all of my friends been teasing me that I look more mature, should I say, older than M. Telling you, I was really sad when I first heard it from one of my closest friends but even more mad, and thought of crying, when a lot of them commented the same. M was just laughing at me. He even added that it might be because of my pairs of eyeglasses.Do I look oldie with this?

When I was able to visit M last week, in just 2 days, he told me that if I could get back in using contact lenses other than pairs of eyeglasses, why wouldn’t I. I asked him why he said those. He smiled and said, “coz your friends were true, you look so serious and it’s very opposite to how you act”. See? Even my boyfriend said that I really look oldie with pairs of eyeglasses.

I guess, I need to check for new contact lenses now. Smiley In fact, when I arrived here in Cebu last week, I already had a visit with my ophthalmologist and optometrist, I even told them that I want contact lenses now. They just gave me referral notes, as I requested, ‘coz I thought to buy contact lenses online. I already found one. But do not know yet when to have it ‘coz sometimes, I prefer wearing pairs of eyeglasses especially during boring lecture days with our doctors – I just sleep. But with contact lenses, I can’t even take a nap. Smiley


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  1. William says:

    You look great as always GG

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