Mailed Tarsier

When we happen to visit Bohol Province the other week, I guess that was on the last week of August, if I am not mistaken, my mum asked for a stuffed big tarsier. I was really shocked when I called home and the only thing she was reminding me that time, the whole duration of our trip was the stuffed tarsier. I first saw a palm-sized stuffed tarsier. But my mum don’t want a palm-sized tarsier but a big one. I threw her a joke, I said, “where in this world could you find a big tarsier, much more a stuffed one?”. She was laughing horrifyingly. And Didong also said that he wants another stuffed, as big as him tarsier. OMG, was the only thing on my mind. Imagine a stuffed super big tarsier as big as Didong?With my eyebrows crossing, Jay and Girly, my classmates who are also with me that time, asked what made me crossed my eyebrows. I told them about the big stuffed tarsier. Good thing that Jay found one. Whew! I bought one big and the other small. Somehow, I got my problem solved.However, when I arrived home, my cousin was asking another tarsier, not stuffed but a post card. Do I need one postcard printing mailing office here in my house for that specific postcard of Bohol, specifically with tarsier. Grrrr.. I got my blood pressure heightened. Imagine a post card in my house in Cebu? Brrrrrrrrrr…

I will just post some photos of the tarsier I bought in my personal blog.


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