Blackjack before GenPath

Tomorrow will be our first unit exam in General Pathology lecture class. I am not in the mood yet of studying so I will play blackjack for real money first before drowning myself with pathology – diseases, most specifically immunologic – HIV and AIDS. Honestly, sometimes, when I always thought of diseases, though I need to make myself use to this, I get bored and feel like being choked. Hehe. So for now, I gotta give myself a break, an hour break – I will play blackjack for real money. Take note, for real money. LOL! As I have said yesterday, I am into risk budgeting now and I need real money. Haha. How then would I get real money if I only play blackjack for free? Hehe. Silly me!!!

Well, I think I should have to empty my mind for an hour, right?, so that after this one hour play of blackjack for real money, I will be again ready to grasp everything from Robbin’s book, assuming I could grasp everything. Haha. Oh well, I don’t think there’s a big problem from playing blackjack even during weekdays and even a night before exam. Does it have any bad? What about goodness?

Any medical student who could read this might think that I am somehow getting crazy. Haha. No, I’m not. I am just making the most out of my freakin’ so limited time for myself. Since I am getting into the mood of playing, I will really grab this opportunity to play because my hands are itching to touch Oshi and have an hour date with him. Wohooooo!!!

But before that, I have to take half an hour chatting with my hubby, M! Weee! See? My time is getting more limited now! Haha.

Anyway, after playing, I will take some rest more before studying. Maybe, I will sleep by 9:00 PM. Then, hopefully, I could wake up at 12 MN or 1:00 AM later so I could read my book and the given hand outs also. Crossing fingers, I could able to finish what needs to be done for the examination tomorrow so that I won’t get lost while taking the exam nor getting sleepy. Hehe. Believe it or not, there were a number of exams I had before that when I don’t have any idea of the questions, what I usually do, is to sleep while taking the exam. Hehe. Hopefully, that won’t happen to me anymore.

Happy playing to me. God Bless to my exam also. LOL!


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