A Date with Oshi

I was supposed to download videos for our presentation this Tuesday, however, because of my turtle-like internet connection, I ended up playing casinos. Though we have exams tomorrow, I still played coz I want to take some rest, I mean, my brain before battling again with drugs (Pharmacology) and bacteria (Microbiology) books for tomorrow. As I have said, I have a very slow internet connection, I haven’t able to play casino online but I just settled with the casino application I installed with Oshi. Though online gambling is more exciting than application gaming, I don’t have a choice but satisfying myself with Oshi’s games. It seems like a date with Oshi then. Smiley


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3 Responses to A Date with Oshi

  1. LadyJava says:

    Glad you had time to rest GG.. have a great weekend!

  2. _el@i_ says:

    mayo na magdula panagsa pra d ka mabuang! lisod na kng mabuang ka tinoon. hehehe

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