Shopping, is what i want!

As a de-stressant, SHOPPING is all I want!

No one can deny, being a medical student is definitely of greatly far exciting yet really stressful especially during examination period. And to cope with those stresses, drinks, night outs and spa are for me sure not to handle it out but a great whole-day unlimited shopping galore would be the ultimate solution. Haha.
However, having not enough pockets for all the shopping habits that I am yearning for, I still am having more stresses thinking where to get more budget for my shopping. Haha. But I got one solution which my mum had more stresses than I. Hehe. It’s for me to apply for personal loans. Honestly, my mum won’t allow me to have it coz, as what she said, she’s sure enough that she’s still be the one to pay for it so she better give cash to me directly. Smiley But, cash from hers is definitely not enough. Haha. And I can’t use my savings from blogging coz I still have another plans for it. Haha.

But recently, for me to cope with me shopping eagerness, I cut my daily allowances so could have bigger savings by the end of every week. Haha. Yet, still not enough. Most of my allowances always go for foods and coffee. But lately, my allowances all spent for my medicines. I got my pocket real empty then. And by tomorrow, I don’t think I can go to the mall. I might just stay in school instead so no spending of money then. Smiley


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    shop shop shop

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