Operation Mouse Trapping

So I was at home around 8:00 last night. The room was clean, arranged as when I left it. But smelled something unusual. I just thought, at first, of the comfort room which I forgot to close as I hurriedly left it last Friday night for our emergency unplanned trip to Bohol. Thence, I checked the comfort room. But nothing changed. The bowl, floor, everything, were still intact. I tried not to mind the unpleasant odor at first. I just turned the air conditioner and and exhaust fan of the comfort room, instead. But when I seat on my bedroom furniture, there I smelled some old foods. Definitely, not on my bed but when I tried to look under it, there are pieces of plastic cellophane and bits of foods. Whew! As I cleaned it, I could say, those were mouse’s left over inside my room. Yuck! I only said, YUCK! EEW!

So, what I did this very early Sunday morning, I had an operation mouse trapping inside my room. For where it could came from? Well, that probably I do not know. Too bad!!!


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