Requirements before Getting Married

Yesterday, during our clinical pathology class, the pathologist (an MD) throw a joke to us about marrying or getting committed. He said, for the guys, since guy doctors are appreciating as they get older unlike the lady doctors who depreciates (the value), it is like committing suicide for the guys to commit while in a medical school. And for the ladies, before accepting proposals from any guy, she should require the guy to present a laboratory tests with normal findings like the CD4 test. LOL!
But for me, I only need a list of one term life insurance aside from the resume, bank accounts, health insurance accounts and property papers. Nyahaha!


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2 Responses to Requirements before Getting Married

  1. Caroline Ng May Ling says:

    hahaha!! agree wit u! XD

  2. David Funk says:

    Hi Gagay!

    That pic is too funny. Laboratory tests? If that gets passed into law….LOL!

    See ya later, SDWHH!

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