Goodbye Contact Lenses

I had been using contact lenses for a year now because I thought at first it’s more convenient than pairs of eyeglasses. Smiley However, I found it more hassle to handle. In fact, I have already slept three times with my contact lenses on. Too bad!
I and my bestfriend, Ilyn, with Didong.
I am wearing my graded contact lenses here.
For now, I am thinking of using my pairs of eyeglasses back and would just say goodbye contact lenses. But I am not sure yet. One of my friends suggested to try me a laser surgery just like USAEyes so I would not use any gadgets in my eyes anymore. She actually has browsed over the internet about where she found it really better.
Hmp! Still thinking now whether to say goodbye contact lenses and smiling back with pairs of eyeglasses or what? I really do not know yet!


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4 Responses to Goodbye Contact Lenses

  1. _el@i_ says:


  2. _el@i_ says:

    kumusta na? long time no see na

  3. _el@i_ says:

    asa mani gkan imong PB?

  4. Jesson And Rey Ann says:

    gusto ko kulay red na contact lense…

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