Flags for Sale!

I was roaming around Dumaguete City when I was able to pass by a flag store. Somehow, I got puzzled why there’s that little flag store along the street. The store is selling small flags; too small to carry by a little kindergarten kids.
Thence, I remember, Philippine Independence Day is coming. In just less than a month, if am not mistaken, only 2 more weeks to go, the Philippines will be celebrating it’s 112th years of independence. It’s so nice to commemorate the said event and feeling the real spirit of braveness of our great heroes.

But I am just somehow worried of those flags that are sold in the flag store that I saw because it doesn’t only sell Philippine flags, but almost all of the flags in the whole world. In fact those flags are made from Valley Forge Flags. Getting worried more since I’ve seen 3 kids buying flags of different countries from there. Smiley

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5 Responses to Flags for Sale!

  1. Mariuca says:

    Yahooooooo good morning GG!

  2. Mariuca says:

    Happy Independence Day Philippine!

  3. Mariuca says:

    I am waiting for AI results now GG, go Lee go!

  4. emmapie says:

    ^__^ Holiday on the 14th!

    Crispy Yemma

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