Cash or Credit for Vacation?

After my all summer vacation get-away, spending a week in from city to city, who would think I still have even a single coin now? Smiley Yeah, my coin bank now is really empty ‘coz I didn’t asked money from my mum for all my escapes last summer in April and early this month.
Before the end of the month, and before the classes starts by June 7, 2010, I have another pre-planned get-away somewhere here in Visayas with my classmates in medicine. But getting this broke is not easy. I can’t do whatever I want. One of my blogging friends suggested me to try online cash advance, online payday loans because it’s much easier to apply for since it’s just online. In fact, after filing the application for cash advance, the cash will be available then in just 24 hours. My friend added that even though I had bad credits with my previous loans which she experienced, it doesn’t matter at all.
By far, I’ve been considering this idea. But am not sure yet. Hopefully, before the day of our planned vacay again, I could find way to fly with my own money. Smiley


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4 Responses to Cash or Credit for Vacation?

  1. Mariuca says:

    i hope u get to go on ur vacay!

  2. Monica says:

    cash of coz!! 😛

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