Stranger in Cebu City

After experiencing my Uncle’s terrible car on Wednesday morning, on that same day by noon time, I and my 2 classmates in medical school decided to ride a jeepney. We were supposed not to ride on it because of the real burning hot feeling. But then, my cousin arrived late and we still have some important things to do, thence, my cousin just fetch us at SM Cebu.
Though the feeling of riding on a jeepney is not good by this time because of the super hot weather, I still enjoyed it because I was amazed with all of those jeep accessories designed inside the jeep. Those accessories really caught my attention. There are those horses of different colors that are very attractive to look at. Those horses were, if am not mistaken, tightly held in the ceiling of the jeepney. When I was looking at it, my classmate whispered that I acted and looked like a stranger. LOL!

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11 Responses to Stranger in Cebu City

  1. Mariuca says:

    Ha ha sis not here yet chop!

  2. Mariuca says:

    LOL @ ur uncle's terrible car, poor uncle he he!

  3. Mariuca says:

    It's very hot here today too GG, thirsty all da time..thirsty for kofi!

  4. Mariuca says:

    I got PBs due all over GG but so busy, already missed 3! 🙁

  5. GAGAY says:

    i dun like hot weather GP!i wan cold..grrrrrrrrrrr…

  6. Mariuca says:

    GG lol! Got anymore for me to chop before I go or not?? He he cepat (hurry)!!

  7. GAGAY says:

    my BV PBs GP were all! i forgot BV and RM edi.. :(( too bad!

  8. GAGAY says:

    OMG! ill goin out oso GP..coz ill be goin home now..hehehe..tomo, ill post. heheh

  9. gracia says:

    hapit CDO bah..

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