January Top Patients

As I remember, and if am not mistaken, this is still my first time to post my first patients. Too bad more that I have to post this almost at the end of the month already. Super pardon me. Oh, is there such word as “super pardon”? LOL!

Anyway, I wanna congratulate all those who never stop sharing ideas by commenting. And these people deserve to be mentioned. These are:


Meow Diaries
Congratulations guys!!! Would it still be Meow Diaries and Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery be reigning this month of February? Let’s see..


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31 Responses to January Top Patients

  1. _el@i_ says:

    i knew it!

  2. GAGAY says:

    sigh sigh paka!hehehe!

  3. GAGAY says:

    what did u know?

  4. _el@i_ says:

    congratz, marzie! you surely are unbeatable! πŸ˜‰

  5. David Funk says:

    Hi SDWHH!

    I agree with Elai! Marzie is unbeatable on commenting!

  6. _el@i_ says:

    i know that GP is the queen here and that itlog ghapon me. huhuhu!

  7. _el@i_ says:

    but no more itlog for this month and the coming months. hope so. πŸ˜‰

  8. GAGAY says:

    LOL @ itlogs!hahaha

  9. GAGAY says:

    comment more so no itlog enimore..LOL!

  10. LadyJava says:

    Wah congrats GP!!

  11. _el@i_ says:

    yeah, itlog no more!

  12. Ane Fallarme says:

    Congrats once again to Marzie!! πŸ™‚ Truly the queen of commentating! πŸ˜€

  13. Mariuca says:

    what is itlog????????????????

  14. Mariuca says:

    I won here too woo hoo!

  15. GAGAY says:

    itlog means zero,,,but literally, itlog is egg.

  16. Mariuca says:

    I love being a top patient here GG!

  17. Mariuca says:

    I conquered all three bloggies yeeeha!

  18. Mariuca says:

    Elai wants to topple me!!!

  19. Mariuca says:

    Thank you Elai!

  20. Mariuca says:

    Thank you David!

  21. Mariuca says:

    Thankie LJ!

  22. Mariuca says:

    And thank you GG for the mention yay!

  23. Mariuca says:

    Ohhh hahahaha itlog!! me too no wan be itlog!!!

  24. GAGAY says:

    LOL @itlogs!hahaha!!!

  25. Mariuca says:

    Being top patient here makes me feel well taken care of by Doctor GG woot!

  26. Mariuca says:

    Congrats to everyone else too, see u next month woo hoo!

  27. GAGAY says:

    yayks!! terima kasih Pheebs, Benji and Chubbs!!!

    stay with Tita Doc oweis,,kei?

  28. Mariuca says:

    See u @ MM…10 more mins!!! oh no i better start stalking.. shhhhhh

  29. Mariuca says:

    meow meow tita GG!

  30. Ane Fallarme says:

    Yay me for at least making it to your list! πŸ˜€

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