Cebu City Call Center Agents High Risk of HIV in Philippines

Good to know that the overall (world) prevalence of the Philippines is low. It’s just a approximately 0.1% of the adult population. Digging back the history, the first HIV case in the Philippines was in 1984. Most of the case up to date of HIV are among returning migrants.
However, the DOH has recorded 126 HIV cases for in January 2010. This, according to the DOH, has been the highest number of prevalence up to date.
Moreover, according to the latest survey of the University of the Philippines-Population Institute (UP-PI) and was confirmed by health authorities, call center agents are at high risk of HIV. Smiley

“We want to clarify that the Department of Health (DOH) is not saying that call center agents are at higher risks of HIV. But they have high risk behavior that should be look into. It’s not who you are but what you do,” said Dr. Eric Tayag, National Epidemiology director.

Read more here: Metro Cebu 2nd AIDS ‘hot zone in RP.


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  1. David Funk says:

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  2. GAGAY says:

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  3. David Funk says:

    Okay, now I'm reading the blogs I've tweeted. LOL!

    Anyway, this certainly isn't something call center agents want to read or hear, but they are needed for their jobs.

    Thank for posting this about your country my friend!

  4. GAGAY says:

    heheh!i guess so white!!! thanks for reading, btw.

  5. Vernz says:

    talaga! cguro after work no! asa diay na cila galamierda nganu high risk sila … kuryos lang … hehehe

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  7. emmapie says:

    Hmm… palipas-oras ang pagka-acquire nila ng virus. well, at least they had fun before all the guilt settles in. lol

    Crispy Yemma

  8. GAGAY says:

    @Vernz..mao bitaw te ang ingun sa DOH.heheh!!!

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