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DF, I used to call him WHITE because of the result of his color name test in my WNP post was White, tagged me with this Eminent Eight Tag. And tellin’ you, he really linked the tag in this PMD blog of mine. I was just joking that time though, when I said that I pity PMD for not being tagged. LOL.

So, here it is!

8 TV Shows I Like to Watch:
1. NBA Smiley
3. ER Smiley
4. House
5. Grey’s Anatomy
6. NCAA College Football Smiley
7. NFL
8. Mostly sports and medical and health-related tv shows. Smiley [more of me here]

8 Favorite Places to Eat & Drink:
1. At home.
2. Mandarin Tea Garden
3. Some Place Else (in Davao City)
4. All bars in Torres Ave (in Davao City)
5. Matina Town Square (in Davao City)
6. Chowking
7. Red Ribbon
8. KFC

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Semestral Break in Medical School
2. Summer Vacation
3. Summer get-aways (surely, beaches) Smiley
4. Birthday
5. V-day Smiley
6. Shopping (endless, LOL)
7. Sleepfull Nights
8. Gym

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:
1. Terrible exam
2. Job well done on my report.
3. Job well done on quiz.
4. Haven’t eaten for more than 24 hours just to prepare for the exam and report.
5. Missed dropping EC.
6. Walked from home school and VV.
7. Talked to some doc – terror docs.
8. Eaten double as my usual gulp (at night, after realizing haven’t eaten since the other day)

8 Things I Love about Winter:
1. Nothing.
2. Nothing.
3. Nothing.
4. Nothing.
5. Nothing.
6. Nothing.
7. Haven’t experienced winter yet.
8. Can’t imagine if Phils would have winter season.

8 Things I Am Passionate about:
1. Writing. Smiley
2. Blogging. Smiley
3. Shopping.
4. Playing sports.
5. Dancing.
6. Collecting shoes.
7. Collecting bags.
8. Sleeping. Smiley

8 Words/Phrases I Often Use:
1. OMG (Owh Mah Galleeeeeeeee!)
2. Doc! Doc!
3. Can we have the exam next time?
4. Do you have extra paper?
5. Good morning class!!!
6. What did he/she said? (referring to the doc talking in front)
7. Hola!
8. Talk to you later, busy!

8 Things I Learned from the Past:
1. Good things never last.
2. People come and go.
3. Never let your past ruin your today and tomorrow.
4. Insecure people are those who have nothin’ good for you.
5. Being too good to people is like being too bad for yourself.
6. Never try something you’re hesitant of.
7. I can do better today, I’m sure, than before.
8. Pas is past. No once can change that. No one can ever get the past back.

8 Blog Friends We Want to Tag:
1. Emmapie
2. GP
3. Ate Mon
4. Ate Ane
5. Ate Maxi
6. Ate Grace
7. Ate Vernz

8. Ate Minnie

Thank You so much White for tagging me!



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47 Responses to Eminent Eight Tag

  1. Monica says:

    GG! πŸ˜€

  2. Monica says:

    LOL @ Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

  3. GAGAY says:

    ate mon!!!

  4. GAGAY says:

    heheheh!!! i actually tagged u te mon! see?

  5. Monica says:

    oh thanks for tagging me GG…I enjoy reading your ans too πŸ˜‰

  6. GAGAY says:

    hehehe!!! thanks for reading te mon!

  7. Mariuca says:

    I love GA!!! He he he… I forgot edi which season Im watching now….so who is ur fave character on GA, GG?? πŸ™‚

  8. GAGAY says:

    u late chopper GP!

  9. Mariuca says:

    I've experienced several winters edi GG…brrrrrr…..

  10. GAGAY says:

    Merideth Grey off coz!hahah!! and McDreamy!love him!!!

  11. GAGAY says:

    i diden yet GP!huhu! iwan winter in Phils

  12. Mariuca says:

    Yay my name got no Ate! He he he he!!! πŸ™‚

  13. Mariuca says:

    Being too good to people is like being too bad for yourself – sometimes that's true…. πŸ™

  14. GAGAY says:

    coz u said u dun like "ate"..haha! i supposed to put la "Ate Marzie".jejeje..

  15. Mariuca says:

    ohhhh u like meredith… i don like her la, so whiney!!!! πŸ˜‰

  16. Mariuca says:

    2 Fcs GG!!!!!!!! πŸ™

  17. Mariuca says:

    Yeah GOOD u didn put ATE…. or not GP sad edi cause old!! πŸ˜‰

  18. GAGAY says:

    indeed true GP..coz some people are opportunistic..huhu! why la people like that?hurting!

  19. GAGAY says:

    haha!!lol @ no ATE..haha!next time ill put ATE MARZIE!haah!!

  20. GAGAY says:

    ohhh?!?! why la u dun like Merideth?

  21. GAGAY says:

    ok! 2FC.which blog?

  22. Mariuca says:

    Thanks for the tag GG! πŸ™‚

  23. Mariuca says:

    Don put Ate huhuhuhuh!!!!

  24. GAGAY says:

    NP NP GP!!! oh, i mean, Ate Marzie!haha!

  25. Mariuca says:

    She always crybaby like dat GG! I think I don like the girls there he he… i like mc dreamy of course… hmmmm…sigh……

  26. Mariuca says:

    No wan Ate!~!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Mariuca says:

    Really GG? 2 FCs??????????????? YYYYYYEEEEEEEHAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  28. GAGAY says:

    hehe!yeah, they oweiz cry!but i love her being mistress role!haha!but sometimes i wan to replace her with her love affair with mcdreamy!!!

  29. Mariuca says:

    Yay yay yay! Hmmmmmm let's have pinky MPG here then GG!!! YAYKS!! πŸ˜‰

  30. GAGAY says:

    LOL @ no wan Ate!hahah! ok, GP! il put Pheebs here?or what?

  31. GAGAY says:

    haha! Pheebs so greeny not good to see at pink, izit? ok ok. MPG it is!

  32. Mariuca says:

    LOL @ u wan to replace her he heheh…hmmmm mcdreamy so yummy…looks so caring and sensitive…ho ho ho!Love his dreamy eyes… oh my!

  33. Mariuca says:

    Pheebs next chop! πŸ˜‰

  34. GAGAY says:

    yeah! he's so hottie!new hottie talks again!!GP and GG on hottie gossips!hahah!LOL!

  35. GAGAY says:

    ok ok! Pheebs, wait for your turn!LOL! kiss me to Pheebs, Chubbs and Benji!! dun let Benji drink kofi, kei? milk only!

  36. grace says:

    oi.. thanks gay ha.. as in ty..

  37. David Funk says:

    Hi SDWHH!

    Wow, we a lot in common based on your answers especially when it comes to sports(minus the Texas part in college football, lol). You are quite the active sporty girl, too.

    I was surprised to see that your phrase of "thankie" wasn't listed. I can see you saying the other ones though.

    Always nice to know more about you my friend!

  38. GAGAY says:

    NP ate grace!!!

  39. GAGAY says:

    LOL DF!! that's supposed to be at #9.hahah! thankie thankie and NP NP!lol

  40. myunrevealedthoughts says:

    Thanks for the tag. Post ko 'to pag may time na πŸ˜€ Appreciate it really.

  41. GAGAY says:

    thanks kaau te minnie and u liked it!!!

  42. bluecrystaldude says:

    Don't feel bad about your exam Gagay, I did bad in mine too! LOL. My favorite TV shows right now are Project Runaway and The Biggest Loser. I am so digging it :):)

  43. Blogger EJ says:

    Interesting answers, I am passionate about collecting shoes and bags too. But being on a tight budget makes it harder to shop for these stuff. πŸ™‚ Hope you drop by my blog. Cheers!

  44. GAGAY says:

    @Haaziq: hahah!LOL @ "i did bad at mine too"..high five haaziq!!!

  45. GAGAY says:

    @ Blogger EJ: i am soooo into shoes and bags!hahah!!

  46. myunrevealedthoughts says:

    I browsed over here again. So you love NBA, you for Celtics? I so love Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. =)

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