Best Christmas Gift: School Keepsake Book

It’s already mid-November, and everybody could smell now the spirit of Christmas – holidays, indeed. sengihnampakgigi A lot of parties, gatherings and foodums will be expected to have.However, I couldn’t think, or say, take it going home without even bringing something for my goddaughters and godsons. sedih I really do not know what to give to them since I haven’t seen them for more than 5 months already. I only had a chance to see Clark, one of them. The rest? Haven’t seen them already. And I really can’t think how they had grown up now.

I was thinking of giving them pairs of cartoon-printed paired suits, maybe a shorts and a sleeveless shirt or any. However, every time I check some goodies for babies, I seemed clueless garupale and speechless garupale as the sales ladies asked me how tall and how big the kids or babies that would be wearing those stuffs. ketukmeje And as I tried to contact their mum, they just said, adacall they already grown up ‘gay, maybe you wouldn’t recognize them if you have seen them this December.

Oh no!!! hah

Am I that wide-thinker and imaginative enough to thinker broadly as I could on how babies would grow? garupale Much more, I am not a magician that if I’ll purchase one, then if that suits would not fit to them, I could easily resize those. bising

Since, I got no other options to think of, I consulted my mum. I know mums know best, that’s why. peluk She just told me then that I could choose from penny laine baby book or school keepsake book. Mum made these two options for me since she had seen some of my godchildren growing which I miss. So, as she said, for me to recap those missed moments, I could give their mums with these books and let them file great moments with their kids.

One more thing, my single sister has shared also that she just gave a nap mat to her godson last October, since it was his first birthday.

And as I checked all those mentioned stuffs, I prefer school keepsake book for Ralph. A nap mat for Clark and a penny laine baby book for Aliyah. love

Weeeeeeeeeeh! Ninang Gagay will be coming home!!! tepuktangan


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  1. LadyJava says:

    😎 😎 😎 😎

  2. gagay says:

    😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 LJ!

  3. LadyJava says:

    Enjoy yourself GG!!

  4. gagay says:

    thanks LJ! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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