Pregnancy Calendar: Week 13 – 18

Week 13 – This is your second trimester. This is usually the time when mothers feel their best. They are “over” the joys of early pregnancy and have more energy. They are also beginning to feel pregnant.
Week 14 – The hormonal changes in the body are becoming apparent. Many are in the form of skin changes. These changes can alter how you use make up in pregnancy. You may have also developed a dark line down the middle of your abdomen to your pubic bone called a linea negra. The areola (dark nipple portion of your breasts) may have darkened and gotten larger as well. Your uterus is now the size of a grapefruit.
Week 15 – The heart is increasing its output to supply the baby with oxygen. The enlarged heart is pumping about 20% more blood than prepregnancy. This volume will actually increase throughout your pregnancy for an ending increased heart output of 30-50%. If the clothes are getting tight, do not try to cram yourself into clothes try maternity clothes. The maternal blood screening for neural tube defects, often called the Alpha-fetoprotein Test (AFP) (Quad or Triple Screen) may be offered at this point. It is a screening that is most accurate during the 15 – 17th weeks of gestation.
Week 16 – The woman may begin to feel the baby move around this point. This is more likely to happen now if the preagnant is a multipara (someone who has had a previous child) or if the pregnant is very thin. Generally, she will feel the baby move about one month earlier than did in a previous pregnancy, mainly because she know what she is feeling. It is not uncommon for first time mothers to not recognize fetal movements until 22-24 weeks. These first movements are called “quickening.” They can also be used in helping to determine your due date.
Week 17 – The uterus is now about halfway between your pubic bone and navel. The secretions all over the body may increase, due to the increased blood volume. So if you are sweating more, have nasal congestion, or are suffering from increased vaginal discharge this is nothing to worry about and will go away after the birth of the baby.
Week 18 – Sleeping may be increasingly difficult now, as the body grows. This is a healthy tip, try propping yourself with pillows to help you find a more comfortable sleeping position. You might also try doing pelvic tilts before bed, and always urinate before laying down.

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