2009 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine

Aging has always been one of the vanity – checked thingy in terms of beauty consciousness nowadays. There has been a lot of food supplements, drugs even soaps that has been made nerdeven just to slow down, if couldn’t be stopped, the aging process. women

Actually, aging is a natural process wherein each cells that making us a so called human being undergoes apoptosis (cell death) and that continuously being replaced by new cells. However, during a span of days, months and years senyum wherein an individual has been very susceptible to a lot of harmful agents from the environments, the aging process of the cells becomes faster.

Moreover, with the very technologically up generations we have now, three Aussie-American researchers namely, Elizabeth Blackburn, nerdCarol Greider and Jack Szostak had successfully uncover what makes the cell age faster. tepuktangan Their discovery made them won the 2009 Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine. sengihnampakgigi

More of the story will be posted soon. kenyit

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