Facial Make-over: Botox Injection

I have a friend who used to ask me how she looked in that and this outfit. Even in her postures, if we are together, she used to ask if she looks well. banyakckpShe even asked me once how her buttocks and legs measure and if they would look great if she would wear different outfits (she let me see some of her dresses, jeans, shirts), her skin and her face. She’s really conscious in everything in her.

One time, when we went to a mall, we passed by in a dermatological clinic. She asked me then how much would it take for her to have body make-over. I answered her sarcasticallytension, ‘why don’t you just ask the lady in the information desk and not me?‘ After she asked the lady, she then asked me, “you are a doctor ‘gay, could you please tell me how such medications work?hah

Thence, I started my sermon. sengihnampakgigi But before that, she emphasized that she wanted to have her tiny (unnoticeable) fine lines gone. ketukmeje Well, my friend just wanted to try botox injection. garupale

Actually, botox injection (Botulinium toxin) is a medical treatment for frown lines to reduce the contraction temporarily of the aged facial muscles. Anybody can have it except for some exemptions like those pregnant and those who are prohibited by their medical doctors to do such for some complications. This is the reason also that before doing or having botox injection, it is advised to consult your medical doctors. Well, after injection, 4 to 7 days, there will already be visible improvement in the fine lines. However, effects could only last for 4 months, but off course results still vary from one another and after a period of timehah, the lines would still reappear.

There are a lot of possible side effects of botox injection like headache, nausea, there would be eyelid droop (although usually temporary), flu-like symptomsgigil, muscle weakness, facial pain, redness of the injected area of the face and a lot more. And the most cautioned thing if planning to have botox injection is if you have have an (previous) infection where botox will be injected, (in any cases) allergic to any of the ingredients, pregnant or (even just) thinking you might be pregnant and most especially if you have a neurological disorder (for instance, Myasthenia Gravis).senyumkenyit

So, think first before having botox injection.soal

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