The Right FLOCK!

After conquering the first two weeks in medical school, which our teachers (doctors) said that this is the most crucial part, and after knowing also my classmates whom I’ll be with for 4, or maybe 5 (for the PGI), some of us – we decided to have a night out last night.

Off course, at the very first days of classes, especially me, I didn’t expect I could still have found classmates whom I could consider the RIGHT FLOCK – those who are not KJ (kill joy) in terms of night life. Gosh! Believe it or not, we really enjoyed our night getting to know each other also. Though some of us, we were only 9 last night, knew, casually, each other since college, knowing each other well is better than just the name itself.

I think, figures/photographs can tell more (kindly click each photograph to enlarge and for clearer view)..

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