Endemic, Epidemic and Pandemic Occurences

We have been hearing the words, medical words, EPIDEMIC, ENDEMIC and PANDEMIC, however, it is not really that clear the differences between those terms.Epidemic. We can say that a certain disease would be considered epidemic if it exists permanently in a particular region or population. For instance, we have the common dengue fever and malaria which are carried by vectors – the mosquitoes.

Endemic. Basically, it is an outbreak of disease that attacks many people at a certain time which consequently has spread through one or several communities. A very current example for this is the A(H1N1) virus.

Pandemic. This is when the endemic disease has spread the world. Like the A(H1N1) incidence that we are having now. It has spread the whole world, thence, it can now be considered, pandemic.

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  1. Recel says:

    Great info 'Gay! Thanks for enlightening me and some others about this!

    How about the HIV-AIDS? What is it? 😉

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