Dealing with HEMORRHOIDS

It was last week when a friend of mine asked me about something she has been having since she was a child. She told me that it was her first time to share to someone about what she has. Even in her family, she didn’t even tell it to her mom, sister or anybody.

She has just the courage to share it to me recently coz she’s suffering from pain out of it. Whatever position she could have, the pain really bothers her and even of what she dresses. One time, she told me, she wore pants and everytime she sits on a fully loaded jeepney, the pain has messed her day.I asked her to tell me then. As she described it, I could have a lot of things coming to my mind soal like if it is a cyst or a tumor coz she first told me that it’s something like a swelling which is very painful now. It isn’t though, before. She didn’t tell me of how it looks like as I asked her. By that time, I was thinking it supposed to be on her neck, at her back, or some part of her body which she couldn’t possibly check it by herself. However, as I asked her, where it is located, she whisperly said, it’s on my anus. hah

Thence, I have concluded, indeed, it is hemorrhoids. nerd

She haven’t known the medical term of the swelling then which made her having hard time looking for the right hemorrhoids treatment. adus

Hemorrhoids, also called haemorrhoids, emerods, piles or hemroids, are actually a swelling or inflammation which can only grow in the anal region. There is a part in the lower anus where a network of blood vessels called hemorrhoidal plexus or the rectal venous plexus can be found. This specific part surrounds the rectum which is actually very extensible; can be flexed. And this has something to do everytime we remove body waste – bowel, through anus. hah And this actually the only reason why hemorrhoids occur only in the anal region; just because of the venous system that can only be found no else part in the body.

Moreover, hemorrhoids do not choose whom it grow; be a man men or a woman, women a child, teen, pregnant, anybody.

Well, might be very curious of what the possible causes of hemorrhoids are. There are actually a lot of factors contributing for one to experience having hemorrhoids. One of these is eating hot spicy foods; those that have chillies, curry powder or any hot spices. Hot spicy foods, definitely, heaten up the anal region resulting to irritating the hemorrhoids. However, if one really can not stop, or say, even just to control the cravings for hot spicy foods, still one can moderate the spiciness of the food or the time one is eating spicy foods.

Another thing which we normally do and that we didn’t notice that can affect with hemorrhoids is coughing. Every time we cough, pressure is released – produced in the anus.

Nevertheless, hemorrhoids can still be treated even just to count in with fingers. There are hemorrhoid treatment – medicines, which are now available even just online. These are actually herbal supplement that has been medically tested and proven not just to treat hemorrhoids but to prevent from constipation also.

Thence, after I shared some knowledge to my friend – hemorrhoid treatment, she’s now somehow having idea to what really she’s having with her anus.nerd

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  1. Cacai M. says:

    OMG! Hemorrhoids? =-X

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  9. Mel says:

    This post is very educational and informative. Hemorrhoids can be treated with appropriate medicine or can be operated. No use undergoing unnecessary suffering. Thanks for the valuable post. God bless you always my young friend. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™ :* πŸ˜€ =-O :-[ :-$

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  10. renaye says:

    educational thread! i think it’s important to wash our anus after removing waste to avoid this problem!

  11. ish says:

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  25. Happy Butt! says:

    I never like talking about my hemorrhoids, but thats why there is the net. I can research and get many resources in the privacy of my own home.
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  28. monkeyDluffy says:

    hemorrhoids medication and treatments are great for instant relief from anal itching, pain, and bleeding. It is still very important to manage stress and anxiety to prevent piles from returning.

  29. cory says:

    This is a great read. I actually have a blog myself on the natural treatments you can preform to help with hemorrhoids.

  30. itchie says:

    My wife has hemorrhoids too. She’s had surgery but the hemorrhoids came back.

    She’s now taking HemClear and is showing great results. Natry din nya Venapro pero wala masyadong effect.

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