MUMPS outbreak

Just last month, October of this year, my cousins suffered from mumps. According to some hersays, folklores, mumps only occur once as long as we had been vaccinated.

Medically, MUMPS is the usual swelling that is painful, as it is in the salivary gland or the parotid gland. In my cousins’ case, yes, it really were. Their faces became rounded because the jaw areas were swollen. As consulted to medical doctors, those swelling of the jaw areas usually accompanied with rashes, and indeed those.


Mumps is a viral disease scientifically termed as epidemic parotitis. The name itself, mumps, literally means “to mumble“. At this time, there is no specific medications yet for mumps. What had usually been given to patients suffering from such is just a pain reliver for the swelling of the jaws.

Though it doesn’t have recent medications yet, it doesn’t mean not to have an eye of the disease
because sometimes, it can really lead to death. Usual symptoms of mumps are fever and headache which really needs to be taken care of because it usually leads to sterility for men, infection of other organs, meningitis, encephalitis and more.

Credits are given to Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research

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